The Doroud Morvarid Powder Company produces the micronized minerals in particle size of 2 microns and different particle sizes. This company has started its  activity in 2009. This important set up has been designed by the domestic engineers with PLC control, German TKF technology, and Austrian Alpine. The advanced full automatic production process, advanced laboratories and precise and continuous monitoring of the products make the appropriate distribution and uniformity of these particles which guarantee of high quality of this company. 

In addition to the production of fully automated products, the strategic situation of the company, in terms of access to the best mines of Iran’s calcium carbonate, Talc, and Barite, decreased the productions costs compared to the other competitors. The company’s proper costs and the diversity of products ensure the domestic consumers to receive the needed raw materials in the shortest possible time with lowest cost and highest quality. 

In addition, the company now has a presence in international markets and provides the supply of raw material in many of the local factories and domestic authorized producers.